Intelligent solutions for the security of your city

Innovation that shapes the future of law enforcement begins with technologies that generate new approaches to security for our society

Ula Police – solutions based on video analytics to increase the security of cities, automated traffic control, search for cars and people, traffic control. Allows you to quickly identify potentially dangerous situations in real time.


Thanks to the rapid detection of incidents with better data and the reduction of the influence of the human factor, law enforcement agencies can achieve greater efficiency in the areas of security and effective response.


Tasks to be solved ULA Police:

smart parking
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    Predict the increase or decrease of certain types of crime in different areas of the city. Speed ​​up the process of identifying suspects and gathering evidence

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    Automate vehicle searches, increasing detection of stolen or wanted persons

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    Operative response in case of man-made disasters or natural disasters

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    Ensure uninterrupted control over parking rules and compliance with traffic laws. Increase budget revenues due to a clear system of fixing violations of public order and automated control of payment of fines

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    Control mass gatherings of people in public places and at large events

Components of the system

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    Traffic Regulations

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System components 1/4

1Transport detection

  • Control of the perimeter, restricted access zones, entry/exit of official/guest vehicles, entry/exit of personnel/visitors to regulated territories

  • Reconstruction of the vehicle route during the day

  • The possibility of viewing the history of the appearance of the car in the field of view of video cameras

  • Monitoring traffic jams

  • Creation of an operational database of vehicles with the possibility of searching by specified parameters


System components 2/4

2Traffic regulations monitoring

  • Exceeding the speed limit

  • Violation of traffic rules at intersections

  • Violation of railway crossing rules

  • Violation of stopping and parking rules and overtaking rules

  • Violation of traffic rules in the oncoming traffic lane

  • Violation of traffic rules and stopping on the road

  • Violation of parking/traffic rules on sidewalks and footpaths

  • Violation of the rules of stopping at a red traffic light

Components of system 3/4


  • Creation of an archive of persons with the possibility of searching by specified parameters

  • Face recognition and real-time comparison with data from the demonstration database

  • Detects clusters of people, including restricted access areas

  • Monitoring the movement of people in a certain direction. Construction of the route of people's movement based on their appearance on cameras with the possibility of viewing the history of the route

  • Detection of unusual behavior


Components of system 4/4

4Situation analytics

  • Detection, classification and tracking of specified objects

  • Monitoring of social behavior

  • Control over compliance with the rules of social distance (epidemics, pandemics, etc.)

  • Detection of man-made events (fire, accident, etc.)

  • Identification of abandoned/lost things

  • Violation of animal walking rules

ULA Police can be trained at the user's request within a given scenario

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