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Who We Are
Who We Are
The company LANTEC has been engaged in computer system integration and software integration into unified information solutions for over 23 years, as well as developing and creating its own analytical systems.
We provide Ukrainian companies and organizations with top-notch IT solutions and analytical centers to automate all aspects of society's activities.
Implementation of the unified analytical system ULA Video to improve the quality of control and management in any sphere of people's lives, regardless of the scale or location.

ULA Creation Story

The needs of the big cities have always been a driving force in the development of technologies, particularly in the domain of public safety. Modern cities face numerous challenges: combining safety and comfort, ensuring social protection for city residents alongside developed infrastructure and innovative technologies.
ULA (Unified Lantec Analytics) system aims to shape a ground layer to get people safe and secure by adopting complex and strategic approaches, world technological achievements, broad involvement of regional and municipal authorities and the public in creating intelligent video surveillance systems.
A modern city – serves as a platform for the effective development of the country's economy, a center for science and culture, and an important component for the implementation of innovations, requiring reliable protection.
ULA (Unified Lantec Analytics) system
ULA Video от компании LANTEC
It seemed that war had hindered the implementation of innovations in the Donetsk region for several decades.
Back in 2016 it was the initiative of the Donetsk regional police service to put the first bricks of the intellectual security concept. Since then, a small and cohesive team has been working to design a concept of a Unified Analytical Service Center (UASC), where ULA Video from LANTEC became an integral and core part of the unified analytical system.
In 2016, a highly effective security program
based on ULA VIDEO was implemented in Mariupol, in cooperation with the local police. Unfortunately, due to the military conflict and occupation of the city by the Russian army, the program had to be suspended.


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